Take Control, Gain Insight

Wouldn't you like to have ready answers to questions like these?

Upcoming Shifts

Are we fully staffed for Wednesday's kitchen jobs?

Volunteer Utilization

How could we best use Sally next Tuesday?

Skill and Availability Matching

Who should we call to fill in as a server on Route 3 on Thursday morning?

Volunteer Accounting

How many miles did John drive last year?

Contact Management

Joe's phone seems to be off, how else can I reach him?

Real-time Status

Did Mary show up for her shift yet?

Schedule a Demo

Would you like someone to walk you through MOW Scheduler's functions and answer questions you might have? Give us a shout and we'll hook you up with a web demo!


The Scheduler includes the features needed by volunteer coordinators to manage their day-to-day operations, as well as providing a "big picture" overview of the volunteer activities.

It's in the Cloud

Access your system from anywhere, on any device. You don't need any special software, hardware, or other infrastructure to ensure that your system and data is safe, secure, reliable, fast, and easy to use. We'll take care of it!

Recurring and One-time Assignments

Schedule volunteers for automatically recurring weekly or monthly commitments, or one-time ad-hoc assignments.

Volunteer Notifications

Automatically send configurable reminders of upcoming shifts to volunteers by email or SMS text, to significantly reduce the number of "no shows".

Volunteer Relationship Management

Simple but powerful contact database makes it easy to keep and find all the information you need about your volunteers. Includes a powerful search interface, volunteer activities history, upcoming commitments and scheduled time off, notes, and attached documents, photos, etc.

Daily and Weekly Calendar Views

See at a glance which future shifts have unfilled volunteer requirements.


Get a birds-eye view of recent and upcoming system requirements and activity.

Job and Shift Views

View the status and history of each job, shift, and position, including a list of volunteers who have helped in similar spots in the past.


Tabulated summaries of system activity and volunteer performance over the last week, month, or year.

About Us

MOW Scheduler is a product of Purplewire


...a web applications company with a 20 year history of developing collaboration and business process applications for commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations.

The MOW Scheduler Story

Purplewire has a passion for helping charitable nonprofit organizations realize their missions. Over the years we've been inspired by some outstanding organizations in our community, including On Point for College and Meals on Wheels of Syracuse, and we've had the opportunity to donate our time and technical skills to help their causes.

In the course of working with nonprofits, we've discovered that the operational challenges they face in their efforts to achieve their mission and grow capacity are similar to those of commercial enterprises. But "business class" technology solutions are not always an ideal fit, and often are not realistically available to nonprofits due to affordability. We want to change that.

Our extensive experience developing high-quality commercial solutions, along with our shared passion for the goals of charitable nonprofit organizations, enables and motivates us to offer progressive and sustainable solutions at an affordable cost. MOW Scheduler is our first initiative to combine our role as technologists with our mission to serve on a wider scale. We hope to follow with more products in the future.


Our pricing includes unlimited number of users/logins & unlimited number of volunteer contacts

Our pricing is simple and affordable1,2,3

  • $100/$1000 per month/year
    Meals on Wheels America members
  • Unlimited volunteer contacts
  • Unlimited users/logins
  • $125/$1250 per month/year
    Other Nonprofits
  • Unlimited volunteer contacts
  • Unlimited users/logins

One-time setup cost: $600

Includes installation of customer’s volunteer contacts, delivery routes, and ongoing assignments of drivers, riders, and food packers.
Just send us you volunteer information in our import spreadsheet templates, we'll take care of the rest!
  1. Published pricing is reserved for charitable nonprofits including Meals on Wheels and similar organizations.
  2. We reserve the right to apply additional charges to other organizations and usage other than volunteer scheduling.
  3. Sales tax can be exempted with valid certificate of exemption status
  4. Additional need-based discount available to charitable nonprofits. Contact us to qualify.

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108 W. Jefferson St, Suite 305
Syracuse, NY 13202
P: (315) 234-0079
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